Sylvie Russell

Her studies have taken her to the UK, Spain and Uruguay, providing her with experiences that have helped shape her understanding of different cultures and working environments. After graduating, she worked for various international companies in Monaco, Glasgow and London, dealing with a diverse range of products, from marble and granite to children’s toys. A move to Cambridge and her first pregnancy shifted her priorities, as she focused on the birth of her beautiful girl who was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Sylvie was introduced to Birthlight soon after, and was grateful for the opportunity to work part-time while looking after her daughter.

Now a mother of two, Sylvie is Company Director for Birthlight Teaching Ltd, the trading arm of Birthlight Trust. Working with Birthlight allows her to enjoy a healthy family/work balance and contribute her organisational skills. She ensures care and fairness for Birthlight’s members and trainees. Her key role within the company is the coordination of Birthlight teacher training courses worldwide which have increased exponentially over the past decade now spreading over 4 continents.