Conference Speakers

Françoise Freedman

The Founder and Director of Birthlight, Françoise is a medical anthropologist at the University of Cambridge.

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Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg

Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg is a physician and professor of physiology with a research focus on the healing aspects of oxytocin.

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Beatriz Esesarte Pesqueira

The Mexican pioneer of Aquasomatic education that combines human evolution and the learning process with the naturally stimulating water environment.

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Sally Lomas

Director of Training at Birthlight and a tutor in Perinatal Yoga, Birthlight Yoga for Maternity, Aqua Yoga, Baby Yoga and Baby Swimming.

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Marion O'Connor

Marion is a Birthlight tutor in Baby Yoga and teacher in Baby Swimming and Perinatal Yoga

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Kirsteen Ruffell

Kirsteen is a Birthlight tutor in Perinatal Yoga and Baby Yoga.

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Amanda Gawthrope

Amanda is a Birthlight tutor in Baby Swimming and Aqua Yoga.

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Judy Kou

Judy is a Birthlight tutor Baby Swimming and course organiser in Taiwan.

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Kathryn Offer

Kathryn is a Birthlight Aqua Yoga tutor.

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Emily Hills

Emily Hills is a Clinical Specialist Neonatal Occupational Therapist at the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust.

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Rutger Tamminga

Lecturer and teacher trainer in storytelling, children’s yoga, special yoga and neo-humanist education.

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Xii-Lan Bao, MD

Sylvie Russell

Birthlight Executive Manager.

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